Afterschool Program Map

RIASPA’s Afterschool Program Map includes much of the  information you’ll need to create a list of potential afterschool programs for your child. Nearly 200 afterschool programs in our state are represented on the map, all of which cater to school-age children and youth and offer a range of activities–from academics to arts, from sports to video game development, and so on! There are many excellent programs on the map, but it is still important to conduct additional research to ensure that the program you select is the best fit for your child.

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Attention parents! RIASPA has created a brand new Excel database that lists over 200 afterschool learning programs offered in Rhode Island. This database contains all the information displayed on our afterschool map, in a user-friendly Excel document. We hope this will be useful to parents as they look for an afterschool program for their child. We have included a short introductory document to help you navigate the database and effectively find a program that suits your needs.

2014 Afterschool Programs Database  (Excel)

Intro Document for 2014 Afterschool Program Database (Word Document)

Before settling on a program, conduct a site visit. This is a common request from parents, and most program staff are more than happy to show you around their site and answer your questions. We have created an Afterschool Site Visit Check List that you can print out and bring with you on your visit.

A Note for Programs and Enrichment Providers

If you’d like to add your program to our map, fill out our brief survey to submit your information.

If you’d like to make any updates to your program’s listing, please notify us by contacting Michelle Un at

New program additions and updates will be added on a rolling basis every month.