Professional Development



High-quality professional development and technical assistance opportunities are essential to propel the field forward. Opportunities to engage in conferences, series- and/or certificate-based training, mentoring and advocacy, and college coursework strengthen professionals’ ability to provide better care and opportunities for the children and youth in their programs, and deepen their understanding of research and best practices. Professional development is a key component to a career lattice for the field.



STEM Series #2: Building Confidence in STEM Facilitation

Presented by: Ashley Moore, STEM Expansion VISTA, United Way of Rhode Island

Friday, June 5, 9:30 – 11am @ United Way of RI

Geared towards frontline staff this 90 minute workshop is a hands-on, stations based workshop where participants learn how to present STEM materials by first being the student.  Also present will be easy to use STEM games and transitions as well as a free online resources packet.

 Register for this workshop: registration closes 6/3




Rhode Island for Community and Justice’s Cultural Competency Workshop Series (two half day sessions)

Presented by: Tessa Fast, Andrea Gomez, Harry Stewart, Patricia Taubin

Monday, June 8 AND Tuesday, June 9,

9:00am – 12:30pm,  both days

@ United Way of Rhode Island

This two part workshop provides insight on how culture shapes the structure of our organizations as well as our individual biases. Through facilitated discussions and activities, participants will explore issues of race, power, and privilege and how to recognize both cultural inclusion and barriers to inclusion. This training provides resources and helps build skills to understand how cultural competency can benefit organizations. Additionally, it will provide CLAS National Standards and a best practice model to help participants become more aware when engaging with diverse communities and their own organizational culture. The goal of this workshop is for participants to feel engaged, capable, and motivated to introduce cultural competency practices in institutions, policy, and daily interactions.  Registrants must participate in BOTH DAYS (6/8 & 6/9).

Register for this workshop: Registration closes 6/5


STEM Series #3: Creating a STEM Culture

Presented by: Ashley Moore, STEM Expansion VISTA, United Way of Rhode Island

Friday, June 26, 9:30 – 11am @ United Way of RI

In this 90 minute workshop upper level staff will tear into STEM beyond the acronym and begin constructing an organizational STEM philosophy to integrate into their day to day. By learning how to articulate what STEM means to your organization you will better be able to mentor front line staff in creating and delivering STEM programing.

Register for this workshop: registration closes 6/24


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